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"Great customer service friendly staff they go the extra mile..Im very satisfied with the quality of the work done on my car..i highly recommend this service shop"

— Google Review

"Walker and all the folks at Old Town Auto are just the best. I have had my Hyundai in there numerous times and they go out of they're way to get me in fast and the rates are very reasonable. Always like old friends. The best in this area!"

— Google Review

"Best place to take your car! I felt really nervous about taking my car at first but now my car runs better than ever! Thank you!"

— Google Review

"Professional, courteous, thorough, and quick!"

— Google Review

"Grateful, is how I feel after dealing with this and their sister shop at 3rd and U. My RV broke down while traveling through Eureka with my 86yo mom, my daughter and granddaughter. Didn't know what to do, they were so helpful, willing to do whatever to make us comfortable. They gave us a loaner car while we had to wait which ended up being overnight. They had us up an back on the road running great, the next afternoon. Thank you to the owner and the service manager. We appreciate everything you did"

— Yelp Review

"I couldn't get my interior lights to shut off. Bryan and crew solved by problem within minutes. There's a dial on the dash I had accidentally turned. Needless to say I pretty embarrassed. They wouldn't even let me pay for their time!. Hope they enjoyed their Ramone's cookies."

— Yelp Review

"Our 08 Focus had a gnarly clunk when turning left under brake. I searched and searched l, but found nada. I took it to Old Town after hearing nothing but good about them, and Bryon put it on a lift. He spotted the sway bar had shifted leftward about 2". Now this thing is up, back, behind, and near invisible. The fact it shifted was incredibly hard to recognise- but he spotted it in 30 seconds. Its not the first thing you'd think to look for, but he found it right away- saving time and money. They ordered a couple bushings and tore it down, replaced them, and put it back incredibly quickly. Whole thing was less than a couple hundred bucks. Anywhere else, this would have been a few days out and a ton of money. This place is absolutely amazing! And if you need a lift, they've got you. Walker, at the front desk is the nicest, most professional guy in the biz. I don't like to admit defeat and go to a mechanic, but I wouldn't take my vehicles anywhere else."

— Google Review

"I never feel like I am being pressured into certain services and am so grateful for the loaner policy! I can get my car fixed and not even miss work! Always a friendly staff. Thank you!"

— S.W

"Don't change a thing! Customer Service is Great!"

— R. Beck

"I loved the fact that you could fix the problem the very next day after I dropped it off in the evening."

— M.S

"If anything happens to my Subaru, this is where I go. I have never had any issues after having my car serviced here. Probably the only place in Humboldt I would trust with both of my cars. Such an awesome team. Walker is great! He is always very helpful and has a great sense of humor. I enjoy joking around instead of stressing out about my car, so it is nice when the person on the other end of the counter isn't looking at me like I am completely insane haha."

— Hope Travis

"I had a wonderful experience at Old Town Brake & Auto Service, and would recommend it to anyone. Walker was super helpful in talking through all of the aspects of my car maintenance with me -- letting me know both what was going great with it and also suggestions on what work I might want to have done. There was never pressure to spend extra money on things I didn't need. I felt comfortable with the staff and trusted their work.

The team was thorough in their inspection, and provided all of the paperwork and a checklist for me to easily see what was done and looked at. When I did decide to have some extra work done on my vehicle, they also took the time to talk through the cost breakdown with me so I knew exactly what went into the final price. Scheduling an appointment was also a breeze. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable -- I will definitely return to this business."

— Korrin Bishop

"We have always received excellent service at Old Town Auto Service and the staff is always pleasant and helpful. No problems!"

— Ben and Diane Adan

"My car was returned cleaner than I left it. I like the free car wash. Continue to treat customers like you enjoy their business!!!"

— T. Sheen

"Thank you very much to the boys for making seniors special!"

— Irene H.

"Got stranded on a road trip to northern California, and lost the brakes on my car. They took me in the same day and worked as best they could to get us back on the road as soon as possible. They took the time to explain what repairs were necessary and why each part may or may not have been needed so I felt I was doing the right repairs for the right price. The staff is very friendly, and went the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction and really helped to save our vacation. The brakes have never been better and Old Town Brake and Auto Service really helped rescue us from a tough situation."

— Google Reviewer

"These guys are awesome. They have the best customer service I've ever had at an auto repair shop. When my car had an axle problem, but I had a transportation problem, they squeezed me in and got it fixed with brand new parts (not refurbished) right away. They said it would take 3 hours, but it was ready to go in 21/2. Plus, they gave me a little shop car to drive around town in so I could get my errands done. They were friendly, helpful, honest and outgoing. What a wonderful surprise in this day and age! If you are deciding where to take your car, go here, you won't be sorry."

— Yelp Reviewer

"Anytime I need work on my car I will come here. The service was excellent! I thought my clutch was burnt out and needed a new one, come to find out it was just a clip that had worn out. I really appreciated their urgency and efficiency to get my car fixed. Like the previous review, I am a young female and at times mechanics will take advantage of that but not here. Ray (one of the mechanics, owner?) was very patient and was "dad" like in explaining what had happened to my car. I have some knowledge of cars but not enough at times. This place is great! The price was very reasonable for what had to get done, and they were very honest as to what was needed. Never did I feel that they were pushing other car problems on me. Ask for Ray."

— Yelp Reviewer