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Change Your Transmission Fluid

It’s easy to forget about servicing your transmission! It doesn’t need it very often, but proper transmission service keeps your vehicle running smoothly and helps avoid costly repairs down the road.

The transmission undergoes a lot of stress. The grit you see in used fluid is actually bits of clutch material. This grit flowing through your transmission under pressure eats away at seals and gaskets which can lead to leaks. The transmission operates at very high temperatures – much higher than engine temperatures. Those high temperatures eventually cause the transmission fluid to start to break down and lose efficiency. At best, your transmission won’t operate smoothly. At worst, it could lead to costly damage. When your transmission is running properly, it transfers more power from your engine to the drive wheels and improves fuel economy.

Manufacturers have recommended changing your transmission fluid at regular intervals. The best way to stay on top of your transmission fluid is to follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Your Old Town Auto service advisor can also advise you what the manufacturer recommends.

However, there are warning signs that your transmission is ready to be changed.

Signs that you need to change your transmission fluid:

  • Puddles under vehicle
  • Roaring sounds when accelerating or going around corners
  • Difficulty shifting or slipping gears
  • Engine revving when going around corners
  • A chattering noise when you start driving
  • A slight burning smell
  • Delayed acceleration

If you notice any signs that your transmission fluid needs to be changed, give Old Town Auto Service a call. Our highly trained and certified technicians can help keep your vehicle healthy and running smooth.

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant