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Staying Cool!

Are you as cool as this kid?

It’s been an interesting last couple of months with social distancing, shelter in place and all that we have learned about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, it is inspiring to see so many people taking advantage of these beautiful sunny days! More and more people are out for walks on the beach or in the Redwood forests. More bicyclists are out and about and bike sales are actually up! I see camping tents pitched in front yards, kids sliding down Slip N Slides and Frisbees being tossed!

Summer is here! And so is the need make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning is able to cool you off whether you’re on your way to the beach or just to the grocery store.

Most drivers don’t realize that their vehicle’s A/C system has a problem until they need to use it. Small leaks can develop in the system allowing refrigerant to seep out. Over time, enough fluid leaks out to the point that the system can no longer cool the car. Regular vehicle inspections can help detect these leaks before it’s too late. At Old Town Auto Service, we offer our “Ultimate Service Special” that not only includes an inspection of your vehicles heating & cooling system but also an oil change and a 50 point inspection that covers everything from tires and brakes to wipers and turn signals. The “Ultimate Service Special” is a great service for Eureka drivers to do once or twice a year. This will insure you stay abreast of your car’s needs, prevent costly repairs, road side break downs and a non-operating air conditioner.

But what if your vehicle has already lost its air conditioning? Either it’s not blowing cold enough or maybe there is no air flow at all coming from the vents. In this case, many customers have asked,

“Can you recharge or top off my car’s air conditioning fluid?”

This is a great question and easily answered. A vehicle’s air conditioning system is a closed system, fluid continually recirculates. If the coolant is low, there must be a leak in the system as that is the only way for the fluid to get out. Adding coolant or recharging a system may help temporarily but it as soon some of the coolant leaks out, the car will no longer cool wasting your precious time and money.

So what else can cause an air conditioning system to stop performing? There are many reasons. The air compressor may have stopped working, a worn belt that drives the compressor could be the culprit or blending doors within the unit may not be opening and closing properly to allow for air flow.

Our best recommendation, to find out the actual source of the problem, is to have the pros at Old Town Auto Service perform a complete Air Conditioning Inspection. They will check all of the components and they will do a thorough inspection for even the smallest of leaks using dye and special lighting if needed.

Maintaining your vehicle’s air conditioning system insures that you always have a super cool system to properly do the job! If you have any questions, call your friendly, knowledgeable Service Advisor at Old Town Auto Service!