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Gas Grade for Your Engine’s Party

You've probably seen those fancy fuel grades with names like "Standard," "Super," "Plus," and "Premium" at the gas station. Don't let the names fool you; they're just talking about octane ratings! These ratings are expressed as numbers that range between 87 and 91 at the pump. But here's the thing: they're not here to judge or rate the fuel; they're all about finding the perfect match for your car's engine.

Think of it this way: you're hosting a party in your engine's combustion chamber, and gasoline and air are the guests. The spark plug is the party starter, and you want the gasoline to wait politely for its cue to ignite. But sometimes, things get a bit rowdy, and the gasoline decides to light up before it's time, causing a knocking sound like a drummer gone wild! Not the kind of party we signed up for, right? To avoid any engine party fouls, we need to pick the right fuel for our vehicle's engine shindig. Different engines have different preferences and compression ratios (nothing too complicated, we promise). Some engines prefer gasoline with a higher octane rating to keep things under control and prevent knocking incidents.

To find your vehicle’s fuel grade, check the gas cap area for a sticker that tells you the recommended octane rating. Stick to it like a loyal companion, because using a lower rating might make your engine grumble, and using a higher one won't turn your car into a race car!

Octane ratings don't determine fuel quality. There is however, quality difference in gasoline. The government mandates that all gas has a minimum level of detergent to keep your engine in good shape and keep emissions in check. But guess what? Some gas stations go the extra mile with top-tier gasoline, packed with extra detergent power! It's like giving your engine a little spa day to keep it running like a champ.

Here's a fun fact for you: all U.S. automakers use this top-tier gas in their 100,000-mile durability tests. So, it's not just a myth - good quality fuel keeps your engine smiling.

But hey, every engine has its quirks! No matter what gas you use, a little carbon build-up is inevitable. It's like those pesky dust bunnies that sneak into your engine's corners. Especially in those GDI engines (Gasoline Direct Injection), where the gas is injected directly into the combustion chamber, those detergents might not reach all the nooks. Don't fret! A professional fuel system cleaning is like a spa day for your engine, saying goodbye to carbon build-up and welcoming fuel efficiency.

Before you hit the road on your next adventure, have a quick chat with the friendly Service Advisor at Old Town Auto Service. They'll let you know if your engine needs a professional fuel system cleaning. With their expert care, you'll be road-tripping like a pro in no time!

Rev up those engines, folks, and remember to use the proper gas grade for your engine's party. Happy driving, and may your engine's party always be a blast!

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