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Six Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs Service

Your vehicle communicates with you every time you drive. It can be difficult to tell when your vehicle needs immediate attention from a professional or is typical wear and tear with no immediate danger. Here are six warning signs that your vehicle may need professional attention:

  1. Warning light is on. Vehicle manufacturers provide a variety of warning lights that will illuminate on the dashboard if there is a problem with the engine or other vehicle system. Warning lights include check engine, ABS, battery, temperature and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If any of these come on, it is recommended that you have a qualified vehicle repair center provide proper diagnostics and any necessary repairs.
  2. Shaking or vibrations. There are a number of things that can cause vibrations in a vehicle. You might feel them in the steering wheel, through your seat or gas pedal. Your vehicle should drive smoothly down the road. If you feel shakes where there once were none, have it checked out.
  3. Odors. Oil burning smell or smoke coming out of the exhaust or from under the hood, a sweet smell or a rotten egg smell. Don't just hope it will go away. These can be signs of serious troubles that need attention.
  4. Bad fuel economy. If you find you're filling up more frequently, that's not a good sign. Many vehicles now have computers that will give you a numerical reading of your fuel economy. If you notice a dip, you may have something as simple as underinflated tires or something as serious as a sticking brake caliper.
  5. Puddles under your vehicle. Vehicles use fluids for such things as cooling, lubrication, steering, and stopping. If you see them underneath your vehicle, it means they're leaking, and that can have very unwelcome consequences.
  6. Noises. . A squealing, squeaking, or metal-on-metal grinding sounds are indicators that one or more of the braking components are wearing out. If the squealing sound is coming from your engine, it could be a sign of a bad belt or belt tensioner. If you hear a clunking sound, it could be that your transmission needs to be serviced or there is a possible suspension problem. These sounds are signs that your vehicle needs immediate attention, as these noises can be dangerous or lead to a vehicle breakdown.

Drive, look, and listen for signs that are trying to forewarn you about impending problems. Here at Old Town Auto Service, we recommend routine maintenance and inspections to reduce the chances or prevent these issues. Give us a call or stop by!

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant