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I can See Clearly Now!

Hey there drivers! Let's face it; we all love the feeling of driving on a sunny day with the wind in our hair and some good tunes blasting on the radio. But let's be real, driving with dirty, scratched, or fogged up windows can quickly turn your happy-go-lucky drive into a nightmare.

To make sure your vision is crystal clear, we've put together some tips to help you maximize your visibility and keep your windows spick and span.

  • Clean windows with the right cleaner. Don't use any old cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol. These can cause damage to your car's interior and window tints. Instead, opt for special automotive glass cleaners recommended by professionals.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning tools. Yes, we know that kitchen sponge might be tempting, but resist the urge to use it on your car's windows. Abrasive tools can scratch and damage the glass. Instead, opt for a microfiber designed for cleaning glass surfaces.
  • Don't forget about the inside. That filmy layer that develops on the inside of your windows can be caused by cigarette smoke or sunlight baking your car's interior surfaces. Be sure to thoroughly clean the inside of your windows as well.
  • Replace wiper blades regularly. Even if you don't use them that much, the material used in wiper blades deteriorates over time. Consider upgrading to a "beam" blade for a more contoured fit and an aerodynamic design that can help keep your windshield clear at higher speeds.

Let us help you out! If you're having trouble seeing out your windshield, bring your car in and let us inspect your wiper blades. Our service advisors can recommend the best blade for your vehicle and install them properly. Now you're all set to hit the road with crystal clear windows and unobstructed visibility. Remember, safety first, and happy driving!

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