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Fuel Saving Tip: Alignment

Imagine you are up in the arctic on a dog sled. Your dog team is pulling straight and true. You cover a lot of ground fast! Now imagine what would happen if one or two of the dogs wanted to go their own way and were pulling off to the side. That would slow you down. You would have to work harder to keep the sled going in the correct direction. The dogs are all working just as hard as before, but covering less ground. You’re wasting kibble!

The same is true of your vehicle when the wheels are out of alignment. The wheel that’s pulling to the side is dragging down the rest of the car and you find yourself pushing a little harder on the gas pedal to keep up your speed. You’re wasting gas!

If you notice that you have had to refuel more often than you did in the past, you may have misaligned wheels.

Other signs to watch for while driving:

  • Steering wheel shakes
  • Vehicle drifts or pulls to the left or right
  • Tires show uneven or excessive tread wear

It is advised to have your vehicle aligned once or twice a year. There are other times it may be necessary, including:

  • New tires installed
  • Lowering or lifting your vehicle
  • Adjustments or replacement of suspension parts
  • Had a fender bender or hit a curb/road debris

Give us a call and we will get you back to tracking straight. You’ll save gas and your tires will last longer!

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant