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Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF)

What is a Mass Air Flow Sensor? The Mass Air Flow Sensor or MAF sensor measures the volume, temperature and density of the air coming into your engine. With that information, the computer calculates how much oxygen is available to burn and adjusts the amount of fuel it sends. A dirty or damaged MAF sensor will provide inaccurate air flow readings, which can lead to drivability problems, damage your catalytic converter, set off the Check Engine light and may even prevent the engine from running.

As air comes into your engine, it first passes through the engine air filter. Dust, road grime, pollen and other contaminants are captured in the filter. When the engine air filter becomes very dirty and clogged, some of the contaminants pass through the filter and hit the MAF sensor. The sensor can become so dirty or damaged that it cannot accurately measure the air flow. Replacing your engine air filter as recommended will extend the life of your MAF sensor and help keep your engine running smoothly.

The next time your service advisor recommends replacing the air filter, know that by replacing this inexpensive part, you will be preventing dirt from getting into your engine PLUS, it will help protect your MAF sensor, keeping it clean and functioning properly

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant