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Where Old Town Brake & Auto Service Began

Old Town Brake & Auto Service has been a trusted name in the auto repair domain since 1975. Wally Cunningham, a mechanic turned entrepreneur, founded the company with his wife after acquiring ample industry experience. Together, Wally and Sharon transformed Old Town Auto Service into the notable auto repair shop it is today. With Wally’s experience as a mechanic, this undertaking proved rather simple. Now run by seasoned mechanics and industry professionals, Old Town Brake & Auto Service is held in high esteem by clients. For quality auto repair services that are offered by top-of-the-line mechanics, look no further than this family-owned enterprise.

Where Old Town Brake & Auto Service Is Now

Steve and Lance Cunningham, the proud offspring of Wally and Sharon, are now at the helm of Old Town Auto Service. As a teenager, Steve immediately took a shine to auto repair work. While honing his skills as a mechanic, he was also managing the shop. Lance, who’s also a highly trained mechanic, followed suit. In 1988, the two pioneered their own auto repair shop, which they manage along with Old Town Auto Service. Thanks to their hard work as mechanics and ambition as entrepreneurs, Steve and Lance run two successful auto repair businesses while providing stellar services to Eureka locals.

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